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Principles for Safer Place

Biosfääri’s principles for Safer Place

Treat others like you want yourself treated
Take everyone into consideration, give everyone the room to speak and speak so that everyone can understand. Listen and respect everyone.

Do not make assumptions about others
Do not form pointless assumptions about other people’s identity, gender, sexual orientation, or other characteristics. Everyone’s life situations and experiences are different.

Be open and listen
Strive to be open and open-minded towards everyone, as everyone is different.

There is no room for intolerance, violence, or discrimination in the biosphere in any of
its various forms!

Intolerance, violence, or discrimination are not acceptable in any situation!

Respect another’s personal space
No means no. Everyone is entitled to immunity. Do not disturb anyone verbally or physically. Strive to be aware and interpretive in different situations so that no one feels uncomfortable.

If you notice a person in poor condition
Ask if the person is okay. Don’t leave them alone, take care of them yourself, or make sure someone else takes care of them. Remember, that you can always ask the organizers for help. Take into account that the poor condition may not be caused by intoxication. Instead, make sure it is not a medical emergency. In case of emergency, call the emergency number (112)!

If you experience or see harassment
Make sure to inform the event organizers immediately so that the issue can be addressed as quickly as possible. You can always contact the student affairs.

If you need help, ask for help
If you face any problems, you can and should ask for help. Organizers and equality affairs will always help. You can always contact the student affairs.