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Annual Bioscientists meeting 2022

BiTa aka the Annual Biosciences meeting takes its place in Helsinki on the 1.-3.4.2022! Inspired by the events of two years ago, the programme shows how evolution is visible in the everyday life of a bioscientist, history of the world as well as BiTa.

The registration for those living in Helsinki will take place with eLomake on 28.2.2022 at 12pm, the link will be sent to the mailing lists. For those coming from other cities the registration will be handled by their respective student organizations 14.-28.2.2022.  BiTa is full, and no extra tickets will be sold at the event.

A BiTa-bracelet costs 10€, and the ticket fee will be payed according to instructions sent at a later date. The bracelet includes two parties, barhopping in Kallio, excursion to a location of your choosing, educational lectures as well as two overall patches (BiTa-patch and the a patch for completing barhopping). Registration for the event is binding under normal conditions. The number of participants has to be limited to 400 total, and those who shall receive the patch have been informed during the first week of March.

The welcome party begins in Sörnäinen, exact address and doorcodes will be given via e-mail. The BiTa-bracelets will be distributed during the welcome party to people arriving from outside of Helsinki between 18-20:30. If you arrive to the party outside of these times, please contact an organiser of the event. The bracelets are only distributed to those who have pre-registered and gotten a spot in BiTa, and you cannot buy extra bracelets from the event.Bracelet distribution for Helsinki students happens in Viikki Bio1 club room during Wednesday 30.3. and Thursday 31.3. between 12-14PM. When you come in to get your bracelet please announce your name and show a receipt of the payment. If you have bought your ticket from somebody else, please announce the name of the original buyer.


Friday 1.4.2022

  • Welcome party at Käärmeenpesä and Euforia at Sörnäisten rantatie 33 from 18-01
  • Possibility for overall patch-sale table from 18 onwards
  • DJ, BP-tournament, food and drink sales!

Saturday 2.4.2022

  • Seminars from 10-14 at Helsinki Think Company at Haartmaninkatu 4
  • Excursions from 14-18
  • BiTa-barhopping from 18 onwards
  • Afterparty at Maxine 22 onwards
  • Clubroom hangout during the entire day, seminars streamed here, MYY excursion team food stall during morning/midday

Sunday 3.4.2022

  • There is no official program at BiTa on Sunday, but you can visit Korkeasaari with the BiTa bracelet.

Covid-pandemic and it’s effects on BiTa

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic affects the arrangements of BiTa and the BiTa-team is working around the clock the ensure the best possible outcome for the event. Please however note the following when preparing for the event:

1. We are unfortunately unable to arrange a common school accommodation during BiTa due to circumstances beyond our control. We are actively searching for inexpensive alternatives in the form of hotel deals and such. We highly recommend utilizing any possible contacts in the Helsinki area to secure your accommodation.

2. We strongly advise the participants to take their third Covid vaccine doses to the extent that is possible and ensure that their Covid passes are up to date. Please actively follow the instructions given by THL and other public authorities.

3. The event will be arranged in accordance with the local restrictions in effect in the Helsinki area at the time.

That being said I warmly welcome everyone to Helsinki in April 2022! Let’s make a BiTa to remember!

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Mari Humalajoki

Biosfääri ry’s BiTa-master

+358 40 184 5636

Saku Mattila

Biosfääri ry’s chairperson

+358 40 520 4546

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