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Pub crawl

Pub crawl info and cold tasks can be found under the map. A menu showing the bars and restaurants in our pub crawl can be found by clicking the upper left corner of the map.


PDF-version of the pub crawl map:

Pub crawl info

BiTa-barhopping will be arranged in Kallio on Saturday 2.4.2022 18-21. During the barhopping you will visit restaurants and bars, student organization checkpoints and complete so called cold tasks. In order to get the barhopping -overall patch you need to visit 5 restaurants and 1 organzation checkpoint. One of these can be replaced by completing 3 cold tasks. The completion of cold tasks is in general allowed and recommended. Exchange of the barrhopping pass to the overall patch takes place in Maxine where the afterparty will take place at Urho Kekkosen katu 1. 

The restaurants involved cannot possibly house all of the participants of the barhopping so we ask you to split into the following groups. The groups start at different places.

How were you doing on Saturday morning?

1-3 -> start in Kurvi

4-5 -> start in Karhupuisto

6-8 -> start in Tokoinranta

9-10 -> start in Dallapénpuisto

The afterparty will be held in bar Maxine which is located in the Kamppi shopping centre. Those of you coming to the afterparty will form a separate line at the vip-line where you will be taken in at the same time around 22:00. Make sure to be in line in time! If you’re late, the bar cannot guarantee entrance and you will be forced to pay the entrance fee. The entrance fee to Maxine is 10€ before midnight and 12€ after. The coat service fee is mandatory for everyone regardless. Please note that overalls are not allowed at the afterparty! You can go change off your overalls at Pupu, which will close its doors by 21:15.

Cold tasks

Write down your answers or get other proof (video, picture) for the cold tasks and show your results at Maxine in order to replace one checkpoint. Remember that 3 cold tasks = 1 checkpoint

  • conspiracy theory about the existence of Biskit
  • add a song onto this list
  • The weekends zodiac for Aries
  • Yodel something thristy on Jodel’s viikki-ihastus channel
  • Bribe a Biski for an extra stamp
  • Inquire about the presence of genes in the food/drink
  • exchange a face mask to something as valuable as possible (several trades allowed)
  • impromptu sitsit wherever
  • Find Robin, the star of the info videos!
  • Send a troll email to the Bita master and tell her to finish her graduate thesis
  • film a shitty tiktok trend
  • pick up some trash from the ground and throw it in a bin (watch out for needles, you’re in Kallio)
  • be in line for Maxine before 22 without your overalls
  • get a condom from a stranger
  • take a sip of wotah
  • what does HYY stand for (wrong answers only)
  • wishes for next year’s bita in Turku? Write here: