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Invitation to the Board Meeting of Biosfääri ry 5/2024

The board meeting 5/2024 of Biosfääri ry will be held on March 19, 2024 at 5:00 PM in Biocenter 1 clubroom (Viikinkaari 9, 00790 Helsinki) and also remotely via Zoom (link:

Welcome everyone!

Biosfääri ry

Viikinkaari 9 (Biocenter 1, Room 1014)

00790, Helsinki, Finland

PO Box 56 (Viikinkaari 9)

00014 University of Helsinki


Board meeting of Biosfääri 5/2024

1.Opening of the meeting

2.Establishing Legality and Quorum

3.Electing the Scrutinizers of the Minutes

4.Approval of the agenda

5.Matters of notification



7.1.Consideration of reimbursement of expenses

8.Information and website

9.Presentation issues

9.1.Establishment of the Kertsi body

9.2.Gift to YFK for the use of the club room

9.3.Board brooches

10.Faculty and University

10.1.Viikki Unitalks 19.3.2024

10.2.Meeting between the Presidium and the Deans 26.3.2024


12.Student organizations





13.Study matters and YTHS health task force

13.1.Working group meeting 8.3.2024

13.2.Working group meeting 7.6.2024

14.Previous events

14.1.ESN Spring Break Party 7.3.2024

14.2.Annual meeting 2024 12.3.2024

15.Upcoming events

15.1.BiTa 22.-24.3.2024 in Jyväskylä

15.2.University anniversary celebration 26.3.2024

15.3.Student mental health week 8-14 April.

15.4.Chembio Afterparty 10.4.2024

15.5.Food expo 19-21.4.2024

15.6.First of May barcrawl 23.5.2024

16.Freshers and tutors

17.Working life matters

17.1.Worklife event for bringing together research groups and students

18.Premises, Viikki’s Teaching Facilities Committee and Pupu Committee

18.1.Pupu rules task force

18.2.Representation in the committee for teaching facilities in Vik

19.Bilingualism matters

20.Internationality matters

21.Equality matters

22.Environmental matters


23.1.Kloffa’s textile order

23.2.Replenishment of the overall patch stocks


25.TOP 3 of the board meeting

26.Next meeting

27.Closure of the meeting

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