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The faculty organisation of Biological and Environmental sciences – Biosfääri (biosphere) is an umbrella organisation founded at 2010. This yet quite young, but effective organisation is here for providing educational lobbying, activities and happening during the year and helping its member student organisations to keep in touch. Biosfääri is a multicoloured bunch of students from major subjects different kinds in the University of Helsinki. Most of our students are from the sciences related to biology and environmental sciences – but we really wish to meet new people all around the world and from all kinds of major subjects! Biosfääri’s “home” is the club room located in Biocenter 1. Come and have a cup of coffee with us any time!

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @biosfaari. Also check the event calendar every once in a while!

Emails:  (firstname.

The Board 2021

Chairperson: Nea Asumaa

Vice chairperson: Jani Lehto

Treasurer: Mirjami Kuutti

Secretary: Vilma Valtanen

Event coordinator: Petja Salminen

Publicist, Environmental coordinator:  Saku Mattila

Study affairs: Linda Id

Study affairs: Riku Kangasniemi

Work life affairs: Eero Aho

Fresher and tutor coordinator: Taru Lappalainen

Equality affairs: Sonja Jalonen

Other functionaries: